Business is booming for pubs that ban smoking

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titreBusiness is booming for pubs that ban smoking
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English pubs that have already banned smoking have seen their profits rise by an average of 50 per cent, a survey by the Times has found. There had been fears that bans would drive away customers, but instead food sales in non-smoking pubs have risen by 80 per cent on average.
Between 5 and 10 per cent of pubs in England and Wales have already banned smoking. New laws to be introduced next summer will make it illegal to smoke in public places.

The Times contacted 100 pubs that had banned smoking within the past three years. Nine of ten landlords reported that they were selling more food. Nearly half said that drinks profits had stayed the same.
The Punch Taverns chain, which has more than 9,000 pubs, started to introduce non-smoking zones nearly three years ago. Today, 70 of their pubs are non-smoking and 90 per cent have an outdoor area. Francis Patton, the customer services director, said: "Too many people are looking at the smoking ban as a threat, but it is in fact a great opportunity to get new customers into pubs for meals and also to encourage them to bring their families. Since the ban, pubs have become cleaner, tidier places."
Smoking in public places was banned in Scotland in March 2006. Since then, drink sales have dropped 11 per cent and food sales are down slightly. In Ireland where a national ban was introduced in March 2004, pub turnover was down by 10 to 15 per cent on average.

However, eight out ten landlords in England and Wales questioned by The Times said that their profits had gone up since they banned smoking. Just four per cent said that they had lost money. The majority were rural pubs, but even those in poorer urban areas said that it had been a success. Many had renovated their premises at the same time.
Ivan and Samantha Jenkins, who run The Blackburn Arms on the edge of Liverpool city centre, said that they had completed a £500,000 renovation. "We have a whole new audience now," Mr. Jenkins said. "We were a backstreet boozer that was becoming a bit tired. Now we get a lot of young people and professionals coming in. We didn't serve food before, but now we do and our turnover, including drinks, has seen a five-fold increase."
Source: The Times, Monday, October 16,2006 (adapted)
to drive away: dissuader, chasser
a landlord: un propriétaire

the turnover: le chiffre d'affaires

the premises: les locaux

a backstreet boozer: un bistrot de quartier

five-fold: multiplié par cinq

1. En ce qui concerne l'interdiction de fumer imposée par un certain nombre de pubs en Angleterre, expliquez à quoi se réfèrent les chiffres 50 pour cent et 80 pour cent. (1 pt)

2. Quel est le pourcentage des pubs en Angleterre et au Pays de Galles qui ont déjà interdit à leurs clients de fumer? Que changera la loi à partir de l'été prochain? (1.5)

3. Selon Francis Patton, quels sont les bienfaits de l'interdiction de fumer dans les pubs? (2)

4. Quelles ont été les conséquences pour les pubs de la loi anti-tabac en Ecosse et en Irlande? (1.5)

5. Citez les changements constatés par Ivan et Samantha Jenkins depuis la rénovation de leur pub à Liverpool. (2)

B) Traduisez en français le troisième paragraphe du texte.
de la ligne 7 "The times contacted..." à la ligne 10 "stayed the same".

C) Recopiez et complétez ce paragraphe, en mettant les verbes entre parenthèses au temps exigé par le contexte: (2)

The smoking ban in English pubs is good news for landlords. Food and drink sales (rise)  by 80% last year. Many pubs which (not serve) food before, now (make) large profits from meals. In the future it (become) illegal to smoke in all public places in England and Wales.

 D) Recopiez et complétez ces constatations d'un propriétaire de bar en Angleterre, en choisissant parmi les prépositions suivantes: by, to, at, in, from, of

E) Expression en anglais.
Traitez en un minimum de dix lignes le sujet suivant:
What do you think about the smoking ban in public places? Give your reasons.


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